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Case: Immediate Implant placement, sinus lifts and function

Last Updated June 12, 2015
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

Patient presented with deteriorating teeth, occlusion. Complaining of need for constant patching fixing, and ultimately inability to function properly.
Treatment plan recommended to the patient included full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants. Teeth extractions, sinus lifts and immediate implants placement with immediate fixed prosthesis. To enhance primary stability, intraoral welding was used. Thoughts on this case?

![null][preop picture](]( picture
![null][preop radiograph](]( radiograph
![null][post op radiograph](]( op Radiograph
![null][4 month finished case](]( month finished case
![null][4 month finished case. full presentation, movie can see at right buttom of the page](]( month finished case. Full presentation, movie can see at right buttom of the page

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