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Implant Diameter: Does it effect strength?

Last Updated February 21, 2017
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

The subject of implant diameters always brings with it some level of controversy. A recent study investigated the effect of implant diameter on fatigue strength using static and cyclic load test, by comparing four different implant systems, ranging from 2.3 to 4.0. The conclusion:

Implant diameter has an effect on the ability to withstand both static and cyclic loads within Dentium implant systems, The ultimate failure load (UFLs) and fatigue cycles decreased as the implants diameter became smaller.

Read the Full Abstract Here

This, of course, is only one study, but we are curious if anyone has actually measured the failure rate of various implant diameters in their practice? Does the failure rate increase as the diameter of implants decreases?

1\. Implant Dent. 2017 Feb;26 [Effect of Implant Diameter on Fatigue Strength.]( Song SY et al.

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