Implant Identification for All on 6?

These implants were probably placed sometime in l999-2001. I am asking for help in identifying them so I can use them in an All-on-6 procedure. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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  1. FRANK says:

    I do not know the implant brand.
    However be very carefull in your planning.
    The 2 upper implants are not at the proper crestal level for an All-On-6 if you do the necessary vertical bone reduction to allow restorative space.
    Be aware of the compromises and difficulties if you keep them…

  2. Dr. TK says:

    Rather than tell you my guess, I recommend that you send the x-ray to Attachments International. They will be able to give you a definitive identification and they may have the components that you need. I haven’t used them in a little while, but the contact used to be Darwin.

    • mwjdds,ms says:

      The orientation of the implant doesn’t matter, it’s interarch space that matters. Therefore, you will need more interarch space if you’re going with an acrylic to titanium prosthesis vs. a ceramometal prosthesis. Plan the prosthetic design before deciding on bone reduction and implant placement.

  3. Tommy McGraw says:

    I believe you could add one additional implant between the two existing and three on the right side and do a well balanced and supported fixed prosthesis

  4. Tommy McGraw says:


    PREAT !! Thank You.

    My pt is wanting to use these two posts. I think adding 4 additional vertical implants should be sufficient for stability and strength in a fixed prosthesis. Does anyone see a better more economical solution?

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