Implant-Supported Maxillary Overdentures: Anterior vs. Posterior?


This week our featured implant abstract is: Implant-supported maxillary overdentures retained with milled bars: maxillary anterior versus maxillary posterior concept–a retrospective study.

PURPOSE: The aim of the present retrospective investigation was to evaluate implant-supported maxillary overdentures using either anterior or posterior maxillary implant placement.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Maxillary overdentures were planned with support by either 4 implants placed in the maxillary anterior region or 6 to 8 implants placed in augmented maxillary posterior regions with sinus augmentation and anchored
either on a single anterior bar or on 2-bilaterally placed milled bars in the posterior regions.

RESULTS: The rigid fixation of all overdentures was associated with a low incidence of prosthodontic maintenance, without any significant differences between the 2 groups.

CONCLUSIONS: In well-planned overdenture treatment programs, a high survival rate and excellent peri-implant conditions can be achieved for implants placed in the anterior or posterior maxilla. Rigid anchorage of maxillary overdentures either on an extended anterior milled bar or on 2 bilateral posterior milled bars provides for a low incidence of prosthodontic maintenance.

Source: Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 2008 Mar-Apr;23(2):343-52. Krennmair G, Krainhöfner M, Piehslinger E.

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