Bicon Short Dental Implants: Discussion


With this post, we are pleased to start a new feature on Open and unbiased discussions of all the various implant systems on the market. Each week we will feature a different implant system. We look forward to your comments.

This week our Featured Implant System is: Bicon Short Dental Implants

Most of the literature and courses we’ve taken have taught us that dental implants with a minimum length of 10-12mm enjoy a great deal of success and longevity. But for areas where bone height has been severely compromised, sinus lifts or ridge augmentation is required to create enough bone volume. This, of course, brings us to the Bicon Implant system. We have seen many radiographs of very short Bicon Implants supporting long crowns without any complications and great longevity. Can Bicon short implants be used where bone height is very short instead of having to graft and place a 10-12mm implant? What has your experience been with these implants?

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