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Implant torque: what is recommended?

Last Updated February 09, 2017
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I primarily place Nobel Biocare implants, which have a recommended torque of 35Ncm for implant abutments. A previous dentist at our clinic that is no longer working here has placed thousands of implants with great success. I have read in his patient chart notes that he always torqued the abutment screw to 20Ncm for implant abutments before cementing his crowns,well under the recommended 35Ncm by Nobel Biocare. Would you know the reasoning behind this? All of the abutments and crowns that he has placed are doing well, and from the recall exams of his old patients, things have turned out great. Just wondering if I should start torquing Nobel Biocare abutments to 20Ncm or adhere to the recommended 35Ncm.

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