Implant Supported Bridge vs Apicoectomy?

Last Updated October 25, 2019

Note: Question below is from a patient.
I am a 45-year old male. I have gone to a few initial consultations to help decide on the best treatment plan for my case. See my x-rays below. Initially, I was advised by a general dentist and oral surgeon to perform an extraction on tooth 12,13,14, placement of implants and bone graft, and then connect 12,13 and 14 with a bridge. However, at another consultation by a different specialist, I was advised not to do implants now, but instead to do an apicoectomy on 12 and 13. Then maybe cut the root on 14 to save it, and if it doesn’t work than they will extract 14 and put 3 crowns made out of zirconia. I am now very confused. Based on my x-rays below which treatment plan do you think would be better for a 45 year old? Apicoectomy or implant supported bridge? I attached full mouth X-ray done recently. Thank you for your help.

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