Implants Impacting Endodontics?


Steven asks us:
I am going into my fourth year of dental school and am trying to figure out what direction to go after I graduate. My family dentist encouraged me to go into a specialty and he recommended endodontics.

I have completed one research project in endo which I hope to publish. But I wonder if endo is going to draw down because of the number of dental implants that are being placed. In fact, I have heard that that many patients are opting for dental implants instead of endo. Interestingly, I even recently saw an advertisement for a dental implant placement course Nobel Biocare is giving specifically for endodontists. So, my question is: should I apply for endo? With the growth in the dental implant market, will there even be enough endo for me to make a living? Is the future of endo in dental implants?