Impression copings for Straumann tissue level implants: any issues?

Has anyone had either good or bad experiences trying to take an impression of Straumann tissue level implants using Straumann impression copings?

I just completed a case of a 46 implant (lower right first molar) with limited access.  I found the Straumann plastic snap-on impression copings inaccurate.

After the first impression I attached the implant replica to the plastic components in the impression and the implant replica rotated slightly.  I retook the impression with a new plastic snap on and heavy body impression material. I inserted the implant replica into the plastic implant transfer components and everything seemed solid. However the crown that was made was rotated and would not seat.

Next I used a metal closed tray impression coping. I managed to get an accurate impression and the crown seated well.  However I found the metal coping not to be as stable when placed into the implant as I am accustomed to with other internal connection implants that I have used. The portion of the impression coping that fits into the implant seems shallower than those of other brands of implants I have used and didn’t seem to be as stable when I was trying to position it prior to screwing it in.

Note: I have used snap-on transfers before and some could have even been a Straumann implant without trouble. The implant in this case was well placed and the implant margin was supragingival and the snap-on fit well (rotated on the implant prior to inserting the second stabilizing component fully into the implant).

Is it just me or have others had this issue with plastic snap-on copings on Straumann implants or snap-on copings for other implant systems?

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  1. Dr J says:

    Well, the snap-on impression copings really are controversial, some people love them and some people hate them. Personally, I don’t trust them too much. They have to be brand new, straight from the packing to the mouth. It’s not safe to reuse them. I only use the closed tray tissue level copings on supragengival cases (like yours) and with patients that don’t have a really thick and strong gingiva.
    I think another issue is the impression material you are using. Dense materials like putty may interfere and dislodge the coping.
    Whenever I feel anything wrong can happen to the impression coping, I just use the open tray technique.

  2. NYOMS says:

    When you took the original impression did you use both the red and the white piece in the patient’s mouth? The rotation is probably because you only inserted the white piece into the patient’s mouth and then inserted the red piece into the impression after you removed it from the patient’s mouth. This will throw off the rotation of the implant crown.

    • Dr. Jeffrey K says:

      Thanks for your response. I inserted the red piece fully into the white piece and the combined unit did not rotate on the implant when I checked it.
      I think it would be impossible to put the red insert into the impression once the impression is taken as the white snap on would be full of impression material. I have years of experience with implants and used the components as directed as far as I can tell and they failed. I am thinking that there is play in between the plastic components and the implant replica that throws off capturing the proper moment of rotation of the implant…

  3. RB says:

    I had similar experience on the same tooth number. Also in another case the screw of final insertion broke and Straumann took two years to cover it under warranty. I do not trust their warranty any longer.

  4. Timothy C Carter says:

    Straumann plastic snap copings have 2 pieces which in my opinion is 1 too many moving parts. I don’t like to recommend mixing parts but Blue Sky Bio makes a compatible product that is only 1 piece, easier to use, and much cheaper. The BSB metal transfer is nice too. Just a suggestion

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