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Improper implant placement: recommendations?

Last Updated October 14, 2016
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I am new to placing implants (have only done about 20), but have been following this website for quite some time, and find it incredibly useful. Today I placed an implant in the 46 area (lower right first molar) and my post-insertion radiograph showed that it had gone into the root of 45 (lower right second premolar) by about 1mm. I took radiographs from a few angles to confirm. I took the implant out, grafted, and will bring back to try placement again.
My questions are:
1) Should I have left the implant in? Would it have integrated?
2) I warned the patient that tooth 45 may likely need endo. What is the chance of this, and would this be worst case scenario?
3) How long should I wait to re-enter and place a new implant?

Thank you for your help and insight. What do you recommend? I feel terrible about the way this turned out and am not sure how to proceed.

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