Internal sinus lift immediately thru the palatal root socket?

Last Updated January 16, 2019
Reviewed By:  Dr. Peter Hunt

I have a 60 year old patient with no contributing medical history. There is a 30 year old root canal with a distal root completely fractured with some possible trifurcation involvement. I have not taken a CBCT yet, since I do not think this is an ideal case for immediate implant placement.

I have done many successful internal sinus lifts through the osteotomy at time of implant placement mostly using “Steiner Sinus Lift” protocol. My question is: if there is no large perforation in the sinus membrane, at the time of extraction, can I just do my internal sinus lift via membrane elevation thru the palatal socket? Has anyone done this? Just seems with several millimeters of the palatal root already above the sinus floor that this would be a good case to attempt. Or do I just socket graft, CBCT in 3 months and then do lift? This will most likely be a future Conelog implant.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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