Is this a fistula?

This is an implant I did in September last year with a simultaneous sinus lift and Bio-Oss graft.  Due to scheduling issues, I will only be able to examine the patient next month, but I got this picture from another dentist in the area.   Does this look like a fistula?  What else could it be?

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4 thoughts on “Is this a fistula?

  1. The small hole in the gingival tissue is not uncommon when an implant has been placed with a healing collar close to the surface.
    From the information supplied, it is not possible to say what the “little white thing in buccal side” might be……. we do not have an xray of the existing teeth

  2. Have the dentist place a #40 GP in the “fistula” and take a PA, if the GP doesn’t go in then it probably a scar.
    Dennis Flsnsgsn DDS MSc

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