Issues with healing after placement of cancellous bone and membrane: recommendations?

Last Updated January 08, 2019

In March 2018 I removed #8,9 and placed NuOss cancellous bone and resorbable collagen membrane and sutured the area. Patient returned in 2-wks for suture removal and post-operative check and all was WNL. January 2019 returned to site for osteotomy. 1st x-ray is pre-op, 2nd x-ray is pre-tx, 3rd x-ray is post-tx. Upon laying a flap to place implants, the bone consistency was similar to the granules that were placed in March 2018. I checked its density by removing this material. Enough of the material was removed to decide to abandon osteotomy. I placed same material back into socket area, sutured area, and instructed patient to return for suture removal in 2-wks. I have some questions:
Q1: I have used this protocol of extraction to implant placement, using same materials, and had similar results, yet not to this extent. Are the materials in question?
Q2: Is my technique in question?
Q3: I placed the same material into socket and sutured. Did I just create an issue in the future?
Q4: Any suggestions?

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