Lump under lip 1 month post GBR: feedback?

I did a GBR for a patient 1 month ago site 11,21,22. Everything healed very nicely. This same patient presented yesterday with a pea sized lump in the vestibule at the level of the 12 apex which also approximates the junction of the apical portion of the vertical release incision.It developed very recently and is painful and firm to palpate. I thought it was likely from a necrotic 12 however that tooth tested vital. I have done a number of these graft and have not encountered this before. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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3 thoughts on “Lump under lip 1 month post GBR: feedback?

  1. It could be a mucoceal, but that is not tipically an area where mucoceal apear.
    If you had the skills to graduate from dental school or for doing a Gbr, go ahead and remove it yourself .
    It could be encapsulation of the grafting material or reaction to the suture.

  2. the pathological mass cannot be a mucocele because a mucocele is a cyst and contains lıquıd usually if not infected not tender and not hard on palpation and often is formed in the diafragma oris.The mass I thınk is infected GBR material thah migrated from the operation side if you can under AB coverage reenter the region and clean up the mass but to be sure that ıt ıs benign send the material a patologist.Good Luck

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