Mesially Angulated Implants in Mandibular Overdenture: opinions?

Last Updated October 16, 2018
Reviewed By:  Dr. Dale Gerke

This is my first post-extraction implant placement case. I have a 45 year old female patient. I have planned an overdenture supported by 5 interforaminal implants that I want to connect with a splinted bar. Despite the fact that this is my first overdenture case, I chose to place the implants immediately after extractions and grafted with Cerabone and Jason membrane. My concern is about the mesially angulated 2 implants in the 4th quadrant. Will I be able to fabricate a bar that would fit passively on all 5 implants? Is the angulation of those 2 implants a real problem? It is okay to use non-hex abutments for the bar? What is your opinion about my approach in this case ? Thank you!

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