Marketing Implant Dentistry?

I have been practicing dentistry for 25 years now, and for about 9 years I have been placing dental implants. I have taken, and continue to take many courses in implant dentistry and really enjoy this part of my practice. I am wondering if some of you could weigh in on how to build this part of my practice up even more. Internal marketing and connection with my patients has been good, but I wish I could do more to really expand this part of my practice. Does anyone have any feedback on marketing an implant practice? Any advice/tips? Thanks in advance

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  1. Dennis Flanagan DDS MSc says:

    First become board certified by the ABOI/ID. Then you will become confident as to diagnosis and treatment. The patients will refer to you.

  2. Franklin Lackee says:

    Being board certified has nothing to do with It, although a nice feather in your cap. If you are not getting what you are looking for organically with internal marketing, I suggest hiring a qualified marketing funnel company. They will focus on getting you those exact patients. I have heard very good things about SmartBox. Have a couple colleagues that have used them for that exact purpose and had very good results. Good luck to you!!

    • Brent says:

      Thanks for your response. Could you send me website or link to smartbox as my google search has not been successful in finding it. Thanks in advance


  3. Sh abdul Ghaffar says:

    It’s all about revealing a targeted audience and than proper evaluation to satisfy the patient psychologically too,if you get success sooner or later it will become result oriented in a positive way….
    Thanks & Regard…

  4. drphil says:

    The most important thing about marketing is that you need to do it repeatedly. What happens often in marketing and advertising, is that people try one approach to external marketing (like mailings in a specific zip code), and then stop after one attempt. You have to keep at it. Advertising only has effects over time, after repeated exposure. So whatever path you choose to advertise your practice, keep at it (do it at least 3 times). The problem, of course, is that it may not work, and you will be out alot of money, but that’s the game. You need to set aside quite a bit of money, if you plan to do external marketing, because every approach requires experimentation, and you will face a few failures. After a little bit of experimentation, you should find out what works.

  5. Dr. Gerald Rudick says:

    If you are a dentist who has been out 25 years…. then your patients are aging , and their dental health is changing as well.
    As things breakdown, and conventional old fashion treatments are not giving your patients the satisfaction they want…it is up to you to show your patients what is available in the high tech world we live in……. they will be impressed knowing that they will not be destined to wearing dentures like their parents or grandparents had to.
    Your patients are great marketing vehicles for you… they will tell their friends about what you can do….. and make yourself available in your community, or the communities of your patients, to go out and give them a lecture…… free coffee and desert fill a room very nicely…. you will get your name known and will attract new implant cases…… all at very little cost to you.

  6. bruce smoler says:

    Hmm, how many characters am I allowed? First and foremost its is a TEAM effort. Build from within FIRST so show each and every staff member who has contact with patients know exactly the WHY ! Why you want to do what you want them to do. Once your team is empowered to know what your goal is, then basically get out of their way since if they are good and motivated to HELP then the power comes from within. Once you are sure (1 week of training to 6 months for larger offices ) you can brand yourself to reflect what it is you are about. From lead acquisition, to conversion of phone calls and shoppers to creating an atmosphere that is palpable to EVERY patient entering your environment, they will know, feel and see exactly what you are doing. Set your budget say 3-5% of your total monthly collection and use a laser focused approach to what you want out of your endeavors. Set goals, have staff members in charge of each and every aspect of the pipeline/funnel that brings patients into your reach. We have a LARGE net to capture as many as patients, referring DDS, MD, Chiro, OB/GYN, Rheumatologists, Sleep Medicine Docs are all fair game to let them know what it is EXACTLY you do to keep patients healthy and living a more productive life and how to achieve it… Make your systems a ‘top down’ idiot proof flowchart so your decision making process is NOT at the front lines of staff who may have the least amount of knowledge, experience to handle the hard to convert calls/shoppers. As a 30 year 10,000+ implant Generalist/Implant Authority, we have 2 web sites; one for our GP practices and one for JUST implants and only implants. Two completely tracked, monitored, call captured/recorded calls of ALL marketing pieces both internal as well as external. The use of our vanity number is tied to a landing page for our direct sharp focused spot marketing online campaign, on social media as well as on occasion, print media as well. AND this does not even address the algorithm guessing of SEO by the big kahuna GOOGLE. So reputation marketing is central to being able to have your referrals become much more real and believable. Don’t be conned by every other person who ‘promises’ the world with their ‘secret sauce’ of ‘black hat’ marketing to get you 150+ reviews within 6 months… Now, how many youtube videos testimonials do you have on your YouTube Channel ? ( we are inching past 60 this next month) How many new patients do you get each month, month to month comparison, YTD, and YTD comparisons. Do you track each and every ‘reach’ that comes in on the phones or through the doors ? Do you have a system to track how well each and every dollar that you are spending and who is monitoring those stats and are they graphically displayed weekly ? monthly ? quarterly and are they tied to a ROI? Who is in charge of you social media posts ? Are you trolling for B2B referrals on LinkedIn ? How about SMS blast messages or a podcast and a current blog postings on germane subjects your surveyed targeted patients would be interested in knowing more about ? When all is said in done, how do you know you have accomplished your goal ? is your goal just a number of implants placed ? Arches restored ? Do you share this with your team? I will not bother to bore you with our stats since each and every office is unique with so many variables it is pure folly to even think ‘we all want the same thing;. Bottom line, there are a gazillion wrong things to do, just ask me how I know… I would be more than happy to go into a deeper conversation about the specific of how we have been somewhat successful doing all these things AND more… As the saying goes, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” And yeah, I do lecture, train and motivate offices across the country on this stuff and more… Good Luck

    ps Did I mention web site design, mobile responsive testing, as well as billboards, staff uniforms, T-shirt promotions, local BNI word of mouth promotions, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Search engine hijacking techniques, and of course delivering a message in a clear and concise manner flawlessly each and every time ?


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