Maxillary prosthesis for patient with Sjogrens syndrome?

Last Updated March 08, 2017

I am treatment planning a maxillary prosthesis for a patient who has had 5 implants placed in her edentuluous maxilla. They are approximately placed in the positions of both second premolars, canines and one roughly in the midline. The patient is 58 years old, her medical condition is unremarkable other than Sjogrens syndrome, which significantly affects her mouth. There is a 5-5 dental arch in the mandible.

My question revolves around what prosthesis will give the best result? I’m concerned with hygiene issues and tissue irritation with a fixed bridge or even a fixed bar to hold an overdenture. I believe in the KISS principle, and I’m leaning towards locators and a palateless maxillary overdenture. The implants are not perfectly parallel but enough that I think locators can work quite well. I know of issues regarding splinting vs non splinting implants in the maxilla, but what other suggestions do you have?

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