Metal Reinforced Acrylic Frameworks

For fixed full-arch dental implant supported partial dentures in the mandible,
one approach has been to use metal reinforced acrylic frameworks.

The advantage to this design is that the metal reinforcement provides
strength and the acrylic – pink and white – is easy to repair. Are many
of you using this approach? What kinds of problems have you
encountered? How is patient acceptance?

5 thoughts on: Metal Reinforced Acrylic Frameworks

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is the best restoration in dentistry. I’ve been doing them for 20 years. Today I use titanium milled frameworks. The worst thing that happens is the denture teeth wear or break off. The repairs are easy and usually chairside. I use gold onlays or amalgam stops in the posterior when the restoration is opposing a natural dentition. This slows down the wear. Also, must make sure alveoplasty is performed in order to create adquate vertical space for these restorations.

  2. Fabrizio says:

    How much vertical height is necessary to create adequate bulk for the acrylic in these restorations?
    Can u use a milled titanium framework like procera?

  3. Dr. Lawrence Lizzack says:

    I strongly recommend using a cast framework under any full or partial denture that has implant or natural roots with era, locator, ball or any other attachments. The housings for the attachments weaken the dentures and they need to be supported by a cast framework.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like to have a minimum of 15mm from the tissue to the occlusal surface for the acrylic/milled titanium restoration.

  5. Mark P. Miller, DDS says:

    Metal reinforced overdentures on implants. As peer review chairman for our local dental society, we had a case in CA that went against the restorative doc because the overdenture broke. For the few extra bucks it costs to put metal reinforcement in an overdenture-particularly one that occludes a natural opposing dentition-it’s money well spent. Do it.

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