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Methylprednisolone and dental implants?

Last Updated August 22, 2017
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I have a 50-year old female patient with polymyositis taking methylprednisolone (4mg). She is missing multiple teeth in her maxilla and was dissatisfied with her removable partial denture and wants an implant retained prosthesis. I have requested a consult from her physician regarding her suitability for implants. According to the literature, recommendations for or against implant installation in patients on long term steroids is contradictory and confusing. Some literature indicated long term steroids as an absolute contraindication for implants. If I choose to place implants in the posterior maxilla, which might involve sinus lifts, will the methylprednisolone be a contraindication for this? I would like to get some opinions on this. What would be the best way to proceed?

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