Micro Dental Implant Failures

Dr. Leon asks us:

I’m a student in orthodontics and was wondering if there is any mechanical failure with microimplants for anchorage in orthodontics not made of titanium and, if they exist, of Al/Vanadium?

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4 thoughts on “Micro Dental Implant Failures

  1. For their short service these devices work great for ortho anchorage and mechanical problems with the implants are minimal. Soft tissue hyperplasia around the connection is not a “mechanical” problem but may make the patient go through more procedures.

  2. As Dr.David Mulherin has accurately stated, microimplants can be utilized for orthodontic anchorage and stabilization with positive results. A limiting factor would be implant placement too close to the periodontal ligament or in alveolar mucosa which would create inflammatory hyperplasia as Dr. Mulherin has alluded.

  3. Time ago we used stainless stil screws with no problems becouse the shor time they are in function. Implante can fail any time, normally the first weeks they fail becouse the heat during drilling.

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