Misaligned #4 Implant: Options?

Last Updated September 15, 2008

Anon. asks:
I am doing a maxillary overdenture on 4 conventional implants placed in the second premolar and lateral incisor positions [#4, 7, 10, 13]. They support a full arch bar. My lab has told me that they do many overdentures of this kind and they are quite successful. My problem is that the implant in #4 site is misaligned and flares out to the buccal. The bar is slightly distorted at that point. When I go to insert the overdenture it hangs up on #4 area and then snaps down. The overdenture does not rock. The patient has some difficulty in seating the overdenture because of the distortion in the bar at that point. Should I replace #4 and remake the bar and overdenture? Anyway this can be saved?

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