A mystery implant from Brazil?

I need to remove the crown cemented on this implant because it is loose.  The implant was placed in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2009.  Does anyone recognize this implant system or know the dimensions of the abutment?  I would like to know what system it is before trying to remove it.

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21 thoughts on “A mystery implant from Brazil?

  1. Hello, I have been doing implants for a while. Once you start with this case you will be married to the patient. With that said, it is more than likely the abutment screw is loose. If you can’t purchase a new screw then you will not be able to fix. I would explain the situation to the patient and ask them to try and contact the doctor that placed the abutment. Good luck.

      1. If it is a screw retained crown you should be able to see an access hole in the crown. Covered by a resin. If it has an access u can remove filling and check the screw. I would contact the company Dr. Rossi mentioned.

    1. i have cut thru the occlusal or incisal of loose implant crowns located the screwhead and removed or tightened them. what have you to lose when face with cutting them off?

  2. This is a Tramonte implant (which is still manufactured by a small family business in São Paulo-Brazil) and few professionals still use it. They are made of titanium and osseointegrate very well which makes it virtually impossible to remove them without great bone loss. Your choice is to remove the crown (the implant is a single piece and the coronary part is prepared with the turbine directly into the patient’s mouth like a tooth. A conventional impression and the making of a cemented crown on the preparation) New crown.
    Dr. Renato rossi Junior, D.M.D., Msc, Phd

  3. This is bicortical implant. Use more in Europe. Since bone level around the implant is good, just think about to remove crown and make a new one on the top. Don’t think about to remove it. It will be difficult and implant could fracture in the bone, that also disadvantage of long and thin implant use to replace missing tooth.
    Good luck for this case.

  4. It is single stage implant and the X-ray shows good bone around it. It would better to remove the crown only make a fresh impression similar to Crown and bridge impression and restore it.

  5. Thread pattern definitely reminds of bicortical screw design, invented by Dino Garbaccio and/or Silvano Tramonte. There are more than a few manufacturers producing this kind of implant worldwide ( Swiss ROOTT ( Trate ag), also Swiss Ihde Dental Ag, Israelian Noris Medical…but not too many provide this kind of implant with multi unit abutment head…maybe remove crown, take a photo of abutment head and compare to Ihde Dental BCS MU implant

  6. It is a Tramonte implant, this type of implants are unique, one body, when it is indicated is is a wonderful device, well integrated, have a very long neck that you can inclinatet at your needs, it is made of Titanium type 5.
    In this case, (at my knowleage, with all due respect) you only have to do again the crown, the implant is in a very satisfactory condition, practically , it is impossible to removed the implant with out a very big bone loss, and it is not necessary.

  7. if this were a fixed abutment one piece implant the crown would be off not lose. i am betting there is a lose abutment

  8. One piece implant, you can also bend it to correct angulation. So split the crown with a diamond bur and do again the impression directly to the implant.

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