Changing O-Rings on Overdenture?

Helen, a dental implant patient, asks:

I have two lower dental implants with ball attachments. The overdenture seems to fit fine and is retentive and comfortable. The problem is that my dentist has to change the O rings every 2 months and he charges me every time he changes them. Is there any way for me to buy the O rings and bulk and then change them myself? What are my other options?

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  1. D Stragier says:

    I have a patien who has had a similar overdenture for almost 20 years. Her husband took an o- ring to an hydraulic cylinder supplier and they matched the o-ring. She can get a dozen or so for a few dollars. She is very diligent in seeing me for an annual cancer screening, or any percieved trouble. Another consideration is to trade out the o-ring retention for locator attachments that tend to last longer and have variable levels of retention

  2. Dr. Bob says:

    I encourage my patients to try to do so and supply them with a few o-rings to get started although a two month interval in my experience seems a bit frequent. Regardless, you can consider attempting to purchase online from “attachments international” based in California in the SF area. Although they likely only sell products to dentists, “don’t ask, don’t tell” will probably work. Good luck. And a final note: it can be a little triky to change these. A small instrument, like a dental explorer, to remove the old ones, and a bit of lubrication like vaseline to help with insertion of the new.

  3. Dr.R. Mosery says:

    First of all the dentist should charge you when he changes the o rings. Would you expect anything less from any other professional service you receive?
    Second of all and more importantly if you’re going through the o rings every 2 months you most probably need to have the overdenture relined.That’s why the o rings are getting chewed up.
    Third ,if possible the locator is a MUCH better attachment.If you can upgrade it will be well worth it.Good Luck.

  4. dr.vijay kumar says:

    I have completed overdenture five cases reventely of lowerdenture only. Can any body help me to understand 1)What are locators ? 2)Indications 3)How they are used ? can be used in mini implants ? thanks with regards.

  5. L. Scott Brooksby,DDS, DICOI says:

    The Mini implants are not convertible to Locator abutments.

    Some of the o-ring manufacturers, The OSO o-ring for example wears way faster than those by Imtec or OCO Biomedical.

    If the patient has a dry mouth, the o-rings will wear out that fast because there is no lubrication. A little vaseline will help, but not prevent the premature wear.

    The advantage of the o-ring retainer is better lateral stability than a locator. It biggest disadvantage is that if it is opposing natural teeth, especial those with porcelain crowns, the o-ball eventually can be worn down. With the lower profile the locators does not have this problem as much.

  6. coxsakie says:

    What kind of a dentist would suggest his patients to change the o-rings themselves.It is totally out of the question for one who considers himself more of a DOCTOR than a dental technician.

  7. Benjamin D. Oppenheimer, DDS says:

    I would not recommend that patients buy o-rings from sources other than FDA approved providers (i.e. dental suppliers). Companies like the IMTEC Corporation sell bulk packages of the o-rings but will only sell them directly to dentists (as they should). I routinely show my patients how to change their own o-rings and after a few recall visits without problems I’ll give them a few extra to last until their next recall visit.

  8. Ian, itm dental lab says:

    Hi All, changing of the o-rings seems to vary from patient to patient. I would also suggest changing to the locators and instead of using vaseine, use a small quantity of KY Jelly or a similar based product. Vaseline is a petroleum byproduct and KY Jelly and such products will give the lubrication,and is water soluable.

  9. Connie Williams says:

    My case is worst, I have two lowwer dental implants with two ball attachments, the first set of o-rings lasted 2 weeks, the second, only 2 days. Can you explain why they wear out so quickly? Thanks

    • Jack says:

      my guess would be that the implants are not parallel. This would cause each post to have a
      different path of insertion which could cause the o rings to tear etc.

  10. Ravi says:

    I don’t know what are locators but i feel Dala bona attachments are definitely better in the sense they do not wear off for yers together plus can be adjusted for their fitting.I recently got a call from a patient whom i treated 4 years back for an upper complete denture(Implant retained)doing fine.

  11. Alan says:

    Helen If you want to buy your own o-rings to save dentists from charging you a fortune to just change a o-ring i have done it for years saving hundreds of dollars for a office visit call the o-company just google the name .
    (coxsaki do you call a painter everytime you paint at home)NO

  12. Wendy T says:

    My husbands dentist left the area, gave no extra o-rings. The only other dentistwho deals with mini-implants in the area charged our insurance for an office visit and 30.00 co-pay to us then for the replacement of the o-ring he charged 125.00, for a grand total out of our pocket of $155.00, for a 5 dollar o-ring.
    I am going to check out the o-company, there has to be a less expensive way. A dental lab just pulled one out and gave us the exact measurements to get them on our own.

    • Carol says:

      How often should O rings be replaced. I’ve been told once a year? One dentist quoted $1000.
      Seems too expensive for me.

  13. Toby Corbin says:

    Hi Would you be so kind as to forward any of the information you have been able to track down??

    Also if there is anyone that can help me find a way to obtain and install my own o-rings.

    Alan I have not been able to arrive at a site called the o-company that offers o-rings is there something I am missing??

    please forward answers to

  14. James says:

    The O company has changed its name and will only sell to dentist now. The dentist must have gotten mad that they were selling to the public and not making that money. They are saying that you are risking your health to change these yourself so now there is a hefty fine if they are caught selling to the public.

  15. Jayna says:

    I have lower dentures and the dentist has trapped me as well. I was ordering from IMTECH and now they merged with 3m and will not sell to the general public anymore. I have been changing my own O rings for 3 years. Fine tip tweezers and some patience works every time. I refuse to pay huge prices for 5 minutes of the dentists time and when the rings themselves costs only $5. However i am in a spot of finding them again. If i can not find them and have to pay hundreds of dollars for a simple thing i will opt to have them removed. I will not be trapped. I paint my own house as well as do many others things that others have chosen as a profession!!!!!

    • Franco says:

      Found the o rings on E Bay. I would like help on how to remove and install the O rings in my dentures. thanks

  16. Barrie Smith says:

    I have 4 3M IMTEC mini-implants (lower) and would like to know what material(s) is used to make the o-rings for the under plate attachments. My implants are 1.8mm x 13mm and I would like the exact measurements for these o-rings. Thank you.

  17. Marti Worswick says:

    Today I took my elderly sister in to have a o ring replaced and we had the o ring so there was not purchase for it. The dental assistant changed the o ring and the Dr. looked at it and said that it was in. The cost was $75.00 for the most a ten minute procedure. I think we should be able to purchase the o rings and put them in ourselves.

  18. Pete Jarvis says:

    UK based denture wearer – paying over 150 dollars for 10 mins two o-ring job and an ultrasonic clean – any one managed to find anywhere that supplies the o-rings at realistic prices?

  19. Marcy says:

    I just had the O rings on my lower over denture replaced for the first time. I have 4 mini implants. The entire process was 30 minutes and included a cleaning, and 1 minute oral exam. Total cost was $1000. Insurance paid $600, but this is ridiculous! I am a senior citizen on fixed and limited income.

    • Mihály Szőke says:

      In USA You can order replacement kits of O-rings of all types . You must only ask for an offer for a kit of O-rings for your implants from Topcaliforniadentist (14052) I must tell You that the change of old rings is a litle difficult but is not impossible. I am 86 year old , but I used to change them myself


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