One-Piece Dental Implant – Abutment Units

A reader asks us:
One of the aspects of the one-piece dental implant – abutment units is that the dental implants have to be loaded immediately after placement.

I can see the rationale for doing this in a full arch case or a case with cross-arch stabilization. But what about other dental implant cases? Has anybody been doing this successfully? What advice can you give? Where have you encountered complications? Please leave your comments below.

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3 thoughts on “One-Piece Dental Implant – Abutment Units

  1. Just because an implant is one-piece does not mean you need to load it right away. Implant Direct will introduce its ScrewDirect one-piece implant with a tapered head, beveled shoulder and with a retentive groove for snap-on comfort caps and transfers. This implant can be inserted in the non-esthetic areas and a snap-on comfort cap protects the head from irritating the tongue while keeping it out of occlusion for a few months of one-stage healing. Similarly Implant Direct’s ScrewIndirect one piece implant has a snap-on comfort cap included to protect the screw-retained head of this one-piece implant until the dentist is ready to complete the bar overdenture or fixed detachable prosthesis.

  2. Nice to see that Jerry is up to his old tricks again, copying the successful solutions that Nobel Biocare has created. Our profession would be so boring without the “Hollywood b.s.” he so dependably can provide.

  3. I have utilized the Zimmer One-Piece Implants with great success. Over 60 placed without a single failure. The system allows for a verification process using the “try-in” implants to evaluate whether you need the straight or 17 degree angled implant. The unique feature here is that it has a “contoured” abutment that I have never had to prepare in the mouth! This then allows for the best part of the system….the snap on components.
    Temp Cap, Impression caps etc.
    This now becomes a SCREWLESS system for the restorative phase which is better biologically for maintaining crestal bone levels and enormously effecient for the clinician!! Easily the best Unibody system on the market today!

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