Osseodensification with Densah burs: thoughts?

Anyone using the Densah bur series (Versah) to densify bone, lift the sinus or expand a ridge?  I am considering trying this but I wanted to get feedback from those of you who have already used this. Please leave comments below.

Editor’s Note: Below are links to 2 studies on Osseodensification:

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6 thoughts on “Osseodensification with Densah burs: thoughts?

  1. I’ve been using these burs for about 6 months now and they have become a very useful tool in my armamentarium. I highly recommend them but there is a learning curve especially with the crestal sinus approach. The ridge expansion also works nicely and I think its better in the maxilla for obvious reasons. Check out videos on you tube, I know Ziv Mazor and Howard Gluckman are big fans.

  2. They have a guide you can use to show drilling sequence for different implant systems. There is a learning curve and the vibration is a little tough on the patient. All in all a good tool. Almost all max implants are placed after this protocol is used. Been using for almost a year now. Work exactly as advertised

  3. Unfortunately I have not had great success with the burs despite following their protocol and using plenty of irrigation. I have had 4 implants fail about 4-5 months after placement where we had good torque of 35-45Ncm. The densified bone appears to have become necrotic in these cases. Have never had this issue using other burs and have switched back to the standard Nobel implant burs and this issue has disappeared. My experience.

    1. agreed. Since i started using the burs to protocol, i started seeing an alarming number of early failures. i can disclose the #s if anyone is interested. makes me worried to know how many more to expect.
      usually somewhere between 4-6 weeks post surgery. implant loses stability, exhibits mobility,. prepare for an encountered where the patient shows up holding the implant in their hand. i since learned that this type of early loss of stability comes with a even faster exfoliation process, patient often think that its the cove screw that came lose.
      i feel that there is a lot of stories like this , under-reported, no one likes to type negative experiences.
      2 reasons i type this is:
      1-i’m tired of reading the code word ” learning curve”, its starting to mean,” expect lots of failures.
      2- the People behind the product/ concept are well intentioned and need to know this.

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