Osstell SmartPegs for MIS implants?

I recently bought the Osstell module that fits on the WH surgical motor. I ordered the SmartPegs for the type of implants I use (MIS-C1) and Osstell informed me that they don’t currently have available this type of SmartPegs (type No 49). I asked them to send me the SmartPegs that fit for the 4.2mm and 5mm diameter of the specific type of implant I use and they answered that they don’t have it. Does anyone who uses the Osstell knows any other type of SmartPegs that fits in these type of implant?

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One thought on “Osstell SmartPegs for MIS implants?

  1. I have a suggestion to abandon the idea of smartpeg but instead using a torque wrench forward or in reverse.

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