Osteocore dental implants: Feedback on this system?

Dr. Brady Frank has developed a new kind of implant fixture (called Osteocore) that does not require the drilling of an osteotomy site.  For a general practitoner who does simple cases only, where you just drill the implant fixture into bone, this sounds like a great development.  Dr. Frank gives courses in how to use this implant.  Has anyone tried the Osteocore implant and is it really as simple as drilling the implant into bone?  Has anyone taken the training course?

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4 thoughts on “Osteocore dental implants: Feedback on this system?

  1. My first thought is that when I learned implant placement 20years ago the premise was gradual enlargement of the osteotomy site to avoid trauma to the bone. I believe most implant systems are designed this way. This is a very different system, what if the implant-drill gets locked partially into the bone how does one adjust? I find that the quality,quantity and individual anatomy is always a variable in individual patients. I also feel that there really is no such thing as a simple implant case. There are so many products out there to try and simplify implant placement when clinical skills should prevail. However I will definitely keep my eye on this new product as it develops Thank you for a very interesting post!

    1. Also how does one allow the osteotomy to fill up with blood and allow osteotomy-progenator cell to fill in the osteotomy site? Can the implant be backed out, if so how does that affect the self tapping? It’s not like placing a wood screw in bone it’vital tissue.

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