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Parts for old discontinued implants needed: advice?

Last Updated March 08, 2019

A 73 year old female patient I had seen for a couple of years had one molar replaced with two small diameter implants. The contour of the restoration was poor, but she did not have any signs of mucositis or pericoronaritis, until one of the periodic exams showed significant bone loss progression in a year. The periodontist recommended removing the crown and remaking it into two single crowns. So, to find out what implants were placed, I asked the patient about records. However it got really complicated, as patient had moved, dentists retired, sold practices, etc. I looked up the implants at and the best match I could come up with was a Camlog. I contacted the Camlog representative and he confirmed, sent me parts and I scheduled the patient to remove the crown.

Unfortunately, when I went in to remove the crown, I found solid abutments without a screw channel. Removal was tricky as I could not see any cement space, just drilling into what seemed homogeneous metal. Eventually the crown came off with a ton of resin cement on the under surface. Luckily the abutments fitted my Straumann solid abutment wrench. Even though one was really mangled, I was able to remove them, but this is where my luck dried up and it turned out they were not Camlog. The search for the identification of the implants continued on.

Many calls and hefty dose of luck later I got copies the original surgery records! The implants were O-company brand, now OCOBiomedical. I call OCO with the lot number, but I did not hear back from them for a few days. I called again and it seems they did not have any of the parts for these implants, as they have been discontinued long time ago.

So I am looking for any restorative parts – impression copings or abutments that will fit these implants, a lab that can machine them or any other advice. Any ideas here?

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