Abutment hex is welded to implant: options?

Last Updated April 13, 2018

My implant abutment (I believe it is a Zimmer brand) has broken off after 8 years. The crown and screw have come out, however the Oral surgeon has advised that the hexagonal abutment part appears to be welded to the implant. He has tried to remove the hexagonal abutment from the implant without success and wants to try one more time before attempting to remove the implant entirely. There is nothing wrong with the implant and my gum is healthy. Removal of the implant would mean that I would need a bone graft and another surgery. Has anyone had this problem before? Are there other options to suggest other than to remove the implant? By the way, I am located in London, and am open to suggestions of surgeons that are there or not far away, who may have experience in dealing with this type of procedure. Thanks

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