Bone Loss on Incisor: any thoughts?

Last Updated December 30, 2015
Reviewed By:  Dr. David Levitt

I am posting as a patient seeking some insight into my situation.

My recent dental visit showed significant bone loss (2mm-3mm) on a lateral incisor, gum pocket depth of about 6mm. This bone loss seemed to appear within the past year, which was rather odd. The dentist did not believe this was entirely caused by tartar build-up as all my other teeth are within normal limits. He noted that the lingual surface of the tooth is abnormally shaped, which may be causing bacteria to enter beneath the gum where regular brushing/flossing cannot access (however, he is still unsure).

The only other reasons I can think of:
– I had an abscess on the mesial surface of the gum in the same biscupid area nearly 3 years ago. It was drained and has not happened again. However, I did notice it caused slight recession on that bicuspid.
– If this was due to trauma, the only instance I can think of was falling on my face when I was a kid nearly 16-17 years ago. I did not have any serious issues at that time except for a cut/swollen lip & bruising, but could this bone loss have started here and slowly progressed?

I recently had SRP completed, so I’m hoping that this will stop the progressing bone loss. However, this puts me in a very uncomfortable position as I’m only in my mid-20s and I fear I might need an implant or even lose my tooth. I will see a periodontist soon for a consultation, but I was hoping I could get some insight from anyone here. Since I’m not a dentist, I’m not familiar with advanced dental terminology – if you could explain in simpler terms that would be great. Thank you so much!

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