Creating space for two missing laterals?

Last Updated November 25, 2015
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I’m missing both of my laterals. My canines pretty much grew in where my laterals would have been so there’s not much space between my teeth. I recently had my wisdom teeth removed and discussed with my Dr. the possibility of using Invisalign to create the space for two dental implants for my missing laterals.

I just found out I’m moving to Turkey (husband is in the AF) for two years in October. My Dr. is saying with Invisalign, I’ll need to be seen by the orthodontist every six weeks, which obviously can’t happen with me in Turkey.

Are there any other options considering that I’ll be out of the country? I’m very interested in dental implants, still. I have a friend who had invisalign and she travelled ALOT. Her orthodontist had all of her invisalign trays made ahead of time so that she could switch them out on her own because she travelled so much and wasn’t able to get to the orthodontist so often. I’m just not sure if maybe I should look into getting this dental work done in Turkey or if I should seek another opinion from another dentist. I’m not sure if age makes a difference with dental implants but I’m 28. Thanks for any enlightment!

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