Dental implants for children with amelogenesis imperfecta?

Last Updated February 22, 2016
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I have 2 daughters both with amelogenesis imperfecta turning 10 yo and 13 yo. All treatments to this point have been a waste of money. Both have small teeth, small mouths, overlapping teeth and some are coming in sideways due to lack of room. The teeth are sharp, sensitive and very difficult to keep down the plaque. My husband was born with this and endured a lifetime of dental visits until he had 15 dental implants put in at 35 yo and has never been happier to be rid of the rotten taste in his mouth and his were all crowned, but started breaking off at the gum line with the crown intact. Is there a different age that would be beneficial when all the teeth are being replaced so that the implants are put in and the teeth would be adjusted as they grow?? We are desperate in looking for a permanent solution.

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