Implant treatment confusion: Immediate or Wait?

Last Updated January 27, 2016
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

15 years ago I had 3 front teeth knocked out from a sports injury. I had root canals done and had no issues until 4 years ago, when a tooth had resorbed and became infected. Had an implant placed at extraction, waited 6 months and had temp and new crown placed. 1 year ago the other front tooth had a fistula, had bone grafting done and implant placed and still currently temporized. About 4 months back the third injured tooth showed signs of infection, and I saw an endodontist who recommended doing an implant instead of trying to save the tooth.

Here’s my dilemma: I have seen 2 highly recommended dentists, one said he can do an immediate implant and no grafting and the other said I would need to do grafting , then place the implant. Option A would cut treatment time to 4-6 months and have a temp tooth attached vs Option B where I would be in the 8-9 month range and have to wear a flipper for the 3rd time!! Please help on which treatment would be best for me and my health.

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