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Implants and grafting: what are my options?

Last Updated March 21, 2018
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I would greatly appreciate any input on my case. #31 is loose, no nerve, and irritating the gum somewhat. #30 has an onlay and some apparent decay. Dentist wants to extract both, bone graft at time of extraction, and implant after healing. Option to use either human bone (he keeps this type in office) or order a synthetic (Perioglass). Obviously I don’t want to lose both molars at the same time, and I am worried about the type of bone graft along with possible implant failure. Would this be an option: extract #31 only (no bone graft) and allow to heal. If #30 does not hold up, graft (if necessary) and implant #30 instead of both teeth – leaving #31 missing. Many thanks – as you can see I am very uncertain and uncomfortable with the option presented to me.

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