Sensitivity to cold and pain after implant : advice?

Last Updated December 01, 2015
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

My wife had a dental implant 2 weeks ago in the lower right side #29. She was feeling fine for the first week and after the pain medications stopped she had some minor discomfort but not much pain, except for some sensitivity to cold. She was given a 5 day course of antibiotics after the surgery.

Then about a week ago while in the shower washing her hair with her head back, she felt the water strike on the implant area and that made the pain and sensitivity worse and had some pain.

A few days later she went to see her surgeon who manually examined the implant and the surrounding gum and told her everything seemed okay and gave her 7 more days of antibiotic regimen.

However, since the day he examined, it has become more painful and sensitive. Pain is felt more in the area beneath the jaw bone in the soft area but is not tender in the jaw bone. She still has sensitivity to cold and any chewing action is painful and she cannot eat on that side. The pain is not unbearable but she reports that it hasn’t gotten any better since she saw the surgeon 5 days ago. She is still continuing with the antibiotics and reports that as long as she takes extra strength Tylenol, she is okay but the sensitivity continues to bother her.

Any advice?

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