Sinus perforation after Dental Implants: how to treat this?


I have done a molar implant on my left upper side about 2 weeks ago and here is the problem: a day after the surgery I got the flu and 2 days later I started to feel a really foul smell in my sinus above the tooth implant. When I consulted my dentist he told me not worry about it but to keep taking the anti-biotic that I was taking (2 grams of Augmentine) and it should heal soon. The anti-biotic course finished and the smell is the same so I consulted an ENT doctor and he told me that I have sinus infection and I need to take more anti-biotic. My question is this; if the implant has perforated my sinus cavity then and it is causing this infection then what is the solution? how can this be repaired?