PEEK Implants: Any thoughts on this new material?

There is a new material PEEK (polyetheretherketone) that has been used in experimental applications for implant fixtures in place of titanium alloy. The initial studies have demonstrated that it is not as stiff as titanium alloy implants and also has lower bone to implant contact in the short term. Any thoughts on the future for implant fixtures made out of this material?  Which implant manufacturers are developing this?

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10 thoughts on “PEEK Implants: Any thoughts on this new material?

  1. What’s the advantage? Color, strength, biocompatability? I saw some research on Zirconia (white implants) but only PEEK for healing abutments.

    1. The zirconia implants vs PEEK implants were in the paper i posted the link to below. Yes I also know (white) PEEK from temporary abutments but I am sure I’ve started seeing it used for implant-suppported suprastructures and RPDs, for the frameworks instead of titanium or COCr. I think its PEEK… coz they are calling it Juvora polymer and its a different color.

      1. I saw Juvora at a show in Germany last week. I asked what it was – it IS super pure PEEK so that’s why the beige colour. I’m not sure about using it for implants tho…,
        didnt see anything like that but the lab showing it had made partials and implant supported bars. Not much else is a strong as titanium so good to see alternative for bars.
        The partials looked nice actually – not like cheap and nasty nylon.Good option for allergic metal free patients, doesnt heat transfer/metal taste instead of metal partials maybe???
        I have a lab also and the main thing i like is you can get it as a CADCAM disk so no casting or melting and accuracy better with CADCAM.

  2. PEEK is a plastic material, the only one authorized by the FDA for use in implantology because it is the only plastic material capable of being sterilized. It is used for provisional abutments and gives a reasonable gingival response, but it should not be used for more than a couple of months as there is a tendency to water sorption. It is relatively soft and flexible, quite difficult to trim and it is difficult to bond other plastics to PEEK.

    PEEK is not a material for the implant itself. Not ever!

    1. I read this science journal paper on PEEK dental implants. Surprising to me it seems strong enough. The reduced flex modulus may be beneficial to adjacent bone?? Just might need something to make it more osseointegrative. Tho there are actually companies trying it IMI (France) and Sysomme (France, again i think). PEEK isnt like PMMA and doesnt take up water (only absorbs about 0.5%.

  3. It is used with just about any impant and is used as a provisional abutment. I find them very easy to trim. I will either have them as screw retained or cemented to the provisional. The PEEK is great for getting the proper tissue contour before the final is placed. I have not and will not suggest this as the final abutment.

  4. PEEK is a Polyaromatic semicrystalline thermoplastic with excellent mechanical performance :. stable and resistant:chimically and in dimension
    . resistant to the hydrolysis in saline solution
    . stérilizable up several times without changing
    . extremely biocompatible
    . with F.D.A. standards
    The bone cells response on it is quite similar to titanium.
    An other material more performant exist : BIOPIK(r) with a best intrinsic biocompatibility than titanium or allied titanium ;it’s PEEK with β TCP and a specific surface treatment
    Some different lines of dental implants are manufactured by a young company, in France. I use its sometimes with excellent results, mainly in post extraction poses.
    For me the best qualities of BIOPIK(r):More biocompatible, METAL FREE and ISO-ELASTIC with the bone.The healing is very fast and clean.

    1. I agree – PEEK adhesion can be good if you prep it right and use the right adhesives. My experience of peek dental is not implants but denture frameworks and implant bars. I dont know if juvora peek is the same as “normal” peek, but I can get good adhesion with some adhesives and preps (eg. Rokatec). I have asked juvora for compatible adhesives that suits peek dental applications

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