Piezosurgery: Device Gets Really Hot During Implant Surgery?

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Dr. J. asks:
We just started using Piezosurgery in our periodontal and implant practice. Our Piezo surgical unit handpiece is getting really hot while we are in the middle of surgery. I was wondering if there was a reason for this, or if you had any suggestions to prevent this from happening. I am assuming that either we are doing something wrong or the handpiece is malfunctioning. We should be able to do a complete surgery without this kind of complication. What could the problem be?

11 thoughts on “Piezosurgery: Device Gets Really Hot During Implant Surgery?

  1. dr.r says:

    Dear Dr. J,

    I have had a Piezosurgery unit for over 2 years and that has never happened to me. In my experience, the handpiece gets warm if you are using it for too long (and not letting it rest properly or without moving it constantly) or don’t have enough irrigation flowing through. I spoke to customer service there and they suggested I used cold saline for my surgeries and that helps too. If you got the DVD that came with the implant tips, watch that, it gives tips on usage – I know it helped me.

    Dr. R.

  2. JW says:

    It was a complaint of some of the older models. The chilled saline was supposed to cool a bit and also reduce necrosis (although piezo was better). If it is a new unit, you may want to inspect the tips/service the handpiece.

  3. Bruce G Knecht says:

    I have had the Piezo Metron and it is great on Cadavers. I limit its use for block grafts and Lateral wall sinus lifts. I have had terrible necrosis with ridge splitting and extractions. It is a beautiful device but it has its limitations. The rep thinks I have a heavy hand and this could be the cause. I teach in a research clinic and I have seen this happen with others. I guess we are all heavy handed. It is great but I still like my handpiece.

  4. Dr.Aslan Y.GOKBUGET says:

    Hi Dr.J,
    You don’t have to pressure on hand piece while using..ıt has to be passive contact and you may use cold saline during surgery.and ofcourse you have to give some pauses during cutting the bone tissue.But as far as I know the hand pieces are the most problematic part of the devices…Hope this help you…

  5. Mostafa Norooz,DDS says:

    Hi Dr.J I use piezosurgery unit a lot. I use it as a periotome for atraumatic extractions more than anything else. It is very effective. There are porcelain discs inside the handpiece that make the vibration. When these discs are about to wear off, handpiece gets hot. I believe newer handpieces are much more durable. By the way, be careful if the handpiece is too hot not to touch patient’s lip. It could become a liability issue. Over all let yourself get use to the machine because it is a wonderful equipment. Good luck,

  6. Kay Lee says:

    I’m not sure what device you’re using.

    Regarding ultrasonic surgery, it’s hard to make useful device. Because it is not a simple as like scaler. Now a days, a lot of company developed surgery machine but that means it is getting increased worse device. You should consult with manufacturer and test it. I think it’s not a problem for only your device.

  7. KH says:

    Make sure you have the irrigation tubing installed correctly, pump turned up and that you are not out of water. If you do not keep the tip moving on the bone and hold it in one spot for too long the piezo energy will turn into thermal energy and can burn the bone. Also when handpieces start to wear out they run much warmer. If this is the case, replace your handpiece.

  8. Scott says:

    I use my Piezosurgery unit almost every day. We are careful with retracting the lip during surgery. It can burn bone if you are heavy handed or impatient. I have done sinus lifts with no problems. I have burned bone minorly in some extraction situations when rushing. I usually can tell by observation and I go back right then and smooth away this dead bone with the piezo gently. It makes some extractions much less traumatic than without.

  9. ILKER ERDOGAN says:

    I use my Piezosurgery since 5 years.ı have 3 in my clinic.the hints are 1-saline must be cold and the water pressure should be in maximım.2-tips should be new and not ruined3-you should not apply pressure to bone let it cut the bone slowly….when you do these and rest the machine in each 3 minutes for 1 minute perfect solutions in every case

  10. Dr Fix says:

    Handpiece getting hot !
    most probably the built-in handpiece ceramics cannot handle the work-load. Always ask ratio Work vs Rest ratio before purchasing. one Italian brand has optimal rated handpiece


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