Do I have to place a membrane in this immediate implant case?

I placed an implant in the maxillary lateral incisor site immediately after extraction and did a small particulate bone graft. I may place a 5x3mm healing abutment. I will not be placing a temporary crown.   Do I have to place a membrane over the graft?

2 thoughts on “Do I have to place a membrane in this immediate implant case?

  1. Dr Smith says:

    It depends. After placing healing abutment ,Will a papilla suture seal the site?
    I use a thin collagen wet membrane put hole in center and screw abutment on then papilla suture

    I feel the best membrane in this case is the fibrin membrane from PRF. This allows you to put the Buffy layer growth factors into th socket, mix into particulate graft and also have an autogolous fibrin membrane. Put the healing abutment though membrane . Attach to implant and suture. Seals site beautifully


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