Proximators: Useful for Atraumatically Extracting Teeth?

Anon. asks:

I do a fair number of immediate implant placement following extraction. I have been having good luck with the periotomes but am always looking for something better. I have recently seen advertisements for Proximators. These look like undersized elevators with small tips and are supposed to be useful for atraumatically extracting teeth. Before I invest in these, I wanted to get some feedback from the group. Is anybody using these and what do you think about them? Is the investment worth it?

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5 thoughts on “Proximators: Useful for Atraumatically Extracting Teeth?

  1. I have just recently started to use the Benex system (Salvin is the distributor). I was a little skeptical at first. I literally had some extra income from a large remodeling project at my facility so I took a chance based on a recommendation from a colleague. It is nothing short of magic. Although the initial investment is expensive, I have used already enough times in one month to have it easily pay for itself. Cheers, Dan

  2. I have heard about some big-time failures with the Benex such as damaging adjacent veneers due to the force which comes down on the teflon they use and have since purchased the Easy X-Trac System made by A. Titan. They recommend using a bite registration material to cover and protect the adjacent teeth, basically like a cushion. I have used the system for quite a while now and can attest that this original system really works.

    On top of that A. Titan has launched their own version of the Proximators, stronger with better angles, and just love these new tools.

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