Rapid bone loss around maxillary anterior implants: advice?

Last Updated March 03, 2014
Reviewed By:  Dr. Vipul Shukla

I am a Dental Hygiene student. I believe there is something not right with my dental implants. I was born with five congenitally missing teeth. I have three implants- #6, #10, & #11 [maxillary right canine, left lateral incisor and left canine; 13, 22, 23] . These implants are just over three years old. I first realized there was something not right about my implants when I looked in the mirror and could see the abutments through my gingiva, not so much by #6, but pretty bad by #10 & #11. The tissue is overall healthy in my eyes. There does appear to be a fistula between # 10 & #11, but no supparation, bleeding or tenderness, in fact there is not tenderness or sensitivity at all.

In my radiography class we took full mouth series on each other. That’s when I saw the bone loss around my all of my implants. I made an appointment to see the periodontist who installed my implants. He just said everything looked find and to check back in 6 months. I did some research on my own. Bone loss around implants seems pretty common, but not to the extent that mine have experienced and not as quickly as mine occurred. I tried to do some more research and I asked the periodontist who installed my implants to send me the radiographs taken prior to my implants being installed. The receptionist told me they didn’t have any on file and that I should contact the general dentist who placed my crowns. I called his office and they also had nothing. Finally I called the periodontist again and demanded answers. The receptionist told me she found some radiographs from 4 months prior to my implants being placed in their paper file. I ask her to please send them to me. She said she would, but they were not the best quality. I asked her to let me know who took them so I could acquire a better original copy. She had told me they definitely were not taken at their office because they did not have that type of machine. She said there was no name on them, and she had no idea where they came from. I received them in the mail. As I expected, terrible quality, and not able to reveal much useful diagnostic information. I would assume my bone at the implant sites was healthy prior to implant installation or the periodontist would have said something or done something.

Since my teeth were congenitally missing and not missing because of infection the bone would be at its normal level. I am almost positive that I do not have peri-implantitis, and this is due to inadequate surgical preparation, incorrect installation, fracture of the fixture, or inappropriate prosthesis design. Can you help me with advice?


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