Recommended Techniques for Recording Vertical Dimension of Occlusion and Centric Relation?

Recording Centric Relation at the Vertical Dimension of Occlusion

Dr. M. asks:

I need to record an accurate Vertical Dimension of Occlusion and Centric Relation, in a case I am restoring. I have placed 6 dental implants in the maxilla and 6 dental implants in the mandible. I will be using fixed partial dentures to restore both arches. I want to do a minimal amount of adjusting in the mouth.

What technique would you recommend for determining the Vertical Dimension of Occlusion? What technique would you recommend for recording Centric Relation?

6 thoughts on “Recommended Techniques for Recording Vertical Dimension of Occlusion and Centric Relation?

  1. Bob S says:

    You should use the same technique you used to mount the diagnostic casts for the wax-up and fabrication of the surgical guides. Any complete denture text will provide you with techniques for evaluation of VDO and recording CR. Dentate or edentulous, the techniques are similar whether you are restoring the patent with fixed or removal restorations.

  2. Luis Fabelo DDS says:

    For CR in a edentulous case you can try using the COBLE TRACER. This is a jig type device that I have used with complete dentures. (Try to google it, Iam not sure of the spelling). You can also try the CR DVD from DAWSON.

    For VDO I would recommend the same as Bob. I always start with the Max, determine incisal edge position, lip support, occlusal plane, then I do my vdo determination; measure vertical dimension at rest minus 2-3 mm to get an estimated VDO.

    Hope this helps,

  3. yazad says:

    Hi everybody,
    Is there a way to be sure of the vertical dimension and the inclination while placing implants in a completely edentulous jaw without using the CAD/CAM template. Would a traditional wax bite for the vertical and proclination of anteriors help??

  4. Dr. Jameson says:

    I find the most accurate method is to determine the VDO using a Crainometer and then use an intraoral tracing at rest position. The Vertical and Centric Recorder (similar to the Cobel Tracer except the plate is in the maxillary arch and the recording screw is mounted in the mandibular arch) availabe through Geneva Dental Inc (310-659-7102) work better in my hands and I’ve used both. Go to my Website and look at the technique for complete dentures to get a better idea of what I’m talking about. Use the horizontal plane with the patient standing and parallel to the horizion or orbital plane.

    Hope this helps

  5. Dr T.V.Padmanabhan says:

    In my opinion, OVD is not a fixed measurement.It can be either less or more by 1-2 mm and biologically nothing goes wrong by change of these OVD. One would use more than one method of finding the VD of rest and get an average of the same and calculate on approximation by subtracting 2 mm.Arrenge the teeth for mock wax up and recheck the appearence ,phonitics and come to a conclusion on OVD.However there are a lot of literature evedence to show that presense of ‘bite blocks’would alter the VD of rest.

  6. Bernardo Grobeisen says:

    I think that everithing is fine , I will also suggest that when you have your provisionals in VDO for the final prosthesis you should do a cross mounting of the casts , this will save you a lot of time , also use a Lucias Jig
    Best Regards
    Dr. Grobeisen


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