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Recommendations for Implant placement?

Last Updated January 23, 2017
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I’m a patient, but I hope I can get some feedback on my case (please see photo below).

Background: I am a 33-year old man, non-smoker, healthy and in the coming period I’ll need 2 (or 3, I’ll explain later) dental implants. I am trying to figure out what the best treatment option is for myself. I have read several articles and studies (found on internet) in order to understand as much as I could, but I still have some questions.

1. I decided to go with Straumann as the implant brand. What other trustworthy brands do you recommend that maybe less expensive than Straumann, while retaining the same quality/benefits?

2. What kind of implant type is more durable, bone level or tissue level? (I read that tissue level ones are better in posterior areas, as in my case)

3. Which implant insertion procedure is best for the long-term: conventional (flapped) or flapless (using 3D stereolithographic technique)?
(I read about advantages and disadvantages on both sides, but I’m interested which has a better long-term prognosis, in terms of implant survival)

4. Regarding flapless procedure is there any official scientific study to confirm that bone resorption is less when it is used as the technique?

5. About my 3rd possible implant (as can be seen in the image attached, the one from right-upper side), my current dentist told me that there is no space for an implant in that place as it’s small. Instead of an implant there, the recommendation was to “move” the last 2 teeth closer to the next ones in order to fill the empty space. Do you think this is the best option in this case?

6. Any recommendations in terms of preparation before the implant intervention?

Thank you for your help!

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