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Removal of root tip after extraction?

Last Updated September 18, 2017
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I performed an extraction of tooth #30. The tooth was endodontically treated and badly broken down but without a periapical lesion. During the extraction I sectioned the tooth and took off the distal root. The mesial root was broken and I took it out in multiple pieces. After I finished the extraction I took a PA radiograph and I did not notice the presence of a remaining root tip. I grafted the site and and dismissed the patient and prescribed antibiotics for 10 days. At the next week follow up visit, healing was within normal limits, but when I reviewed the PA radiograph I noticed the root tip. I informed the patient about what happened and I feel so badly about it. I did not want to interrupt the healing at that time so I did not try to remove it. My question do I have to remove the tip and if so when is the best time? What is the best technique for removing the root tip? Will it be possible to just drill it out when I prepare the osteotomy site? What do you recommend?

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