Restoring a Branemark Mark II Dental Implant?

Dr. K asks:
I have a patient who has a Branemark Mark II dental implant of 4.0mm in diameter. He had a cemented restoration on that which came loose along with the abutment and now has lost the abutment. I need to make a new set of impressions and restoration. However, Nobel has discontinued Mark II implants. How do I go about restoring the case and what components do I use that match the implant? Will the 4.00 diameter groovy Branemark’s abutments and impression posts and analogs match the Mark II ones?

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3 thoughts on “Restoring a Branemark Mark II Dental Implant?

  1. The two are not compatable. Contact Nobelbiocare you will need a transfer coping specific to the Mk11. Abutments and screws will be specific also. So you end up with parts you’ll probably never need again. Dont forget the correct size wrench and the proper torque settings.

  2. The components are compatible from the original Brånemark implant, through the MKII, MKIII, and MK IV. A regular platform Brånemark fixture level impression coping made for the Groovy implant will fit the MK II, if you want to take a fixture level impression. Any regular platform Brånemark stock abutment will fit the MK II, if you want to take an abutment level impression.
    The correct torque for regular platform multi unit abutments is 20 NcM, and for the single tooth abutments (ie: Cera One, Snappy, custom) is 32 NcM.
    Rick Rasmussen Tampa, Florida

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