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Retrieval of fractured Bicon implant abutment?

Last Updated April 20, 2020
Reviewed By:  Dr. John Manuel

Hello colleagues!

First, I wish you all well and hope that everyone is weathering this uncertainty. I’m confident we will get through this and return to our practices with a greater appreciation for how fortunate we are to be in this great profession together.

I had an emergency patient today who presented with a fractured implant crown on #9. After looking at the fractured crown and the radiograph, it appears to be a Bicon implant with a friction fit abutment. The patient had it placed back in 2002, then a few years back while he was deployed it came loose and was cemented back into place. I’m assuming it had fractured at this point and based off of what appears to be cement at the platform, it was simply recemented as I’m sure his access to implant services were limited in Afghanistan. Obviously my first point of attack will be to retrieve the fractured piece of abutment and restore from there with a temporary crown to reestablish gingival contour, followed by a final restoration. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before or could offer some advice as to how to retrieve the fractured abutment. With the fact that it is basically tapped into place and not threaded, I’m concerned that conventional broken screw retrieval methods may not work. Anyways I appreciate your feedback immensely.

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