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Root resorption after bone graft: cause?

Last Updated March 05, 2017
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I have treatment planned this 56 year old male with a noncontributory medical history to replace his missing maxillary teeth with implants.

His pre-surgical CBVT was taken on 3/23/16.

On 6/17/16 I performed a lateral sinus augmentation utilizing 50/50 mix of NuOss cancellous bovine bone (ACE) and allograft (50/50 cancellous / mineralized bone). I also placed the bone graft material on the buccal bone of teeth #’5 and 6 and covered the window with Mem-Lock pericardium membrane (BioHorizon). Please see post – surgical CT. That was my usual protocol.

On 12/16/16 I saw the patient for a re-evaluation and a CBVT was taken. Sinus graft seemed to be well mineralized and I proceeded with implants placement.

On 1/25/17 I opened the area for implants placement and noted severe roots resorption of #5 and 6 (Please see clinical photographs). Sinus graft density was within normal limits so I placed an implant in #3 site.

I have never come across root resorption after bone grafting procedures and never saw anything in the literature. Now I am planning to extract #5 and 6, re-graft the area and eventually place implants in the target sites #5 and 6. Can anybody help me identify the cause of the resorption?

![null][exam 3/23/16]( “Exam 3/23/16”)]( 3/23/16
![null][exam 6/17/16]( “Exam 6/17/16”)]( 6/17/16
![null][exam 12/16/16]( “Exam 12/16/16”)]( 12/16/16
![null][exam 1/25/17]( “Exam 1/25/17”)]( 1/25/17

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