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Ruptured schneidarian membrane and allograft displaced: best course of action?

Last Updated October 22, 2019
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I did a Summers sinus lift today using osteotomes [Ed. Does not involve surgery through lateral wall]. All seemed to go well until I too the final panoramic radiograph when I discovered that there had been a rupture in the Schneidarian membrane and a load of allograft has been displaced into the posterior sinus cavity. I am worried about infection. I consider my options to be 1. Remove the implant and do what I can to suction out the graft from the sinus. Let it all heal and come back in a few months for a lateral window sinus lift. 2. Do a lateral window, leave the implant, suction out graft particulate. Hope the implant osseointegrates. Is there any benefit to watch, wait, and see?


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