Sinus issues after implant placement: thoughts?

Last Updated February 22, 2019
Reviewed By:  Dr. Peter Hunt

I would like to present a complicated case and ask for advice on how to manage the case. UR3 implant was placed with GBR. While I was drilling I felt that I had perforated the maxillary sinus with the pilot drill, and apparently the membrane was breached. I reviewed the patient one week after surgery. The initial pain and swelling had settled down, sutures were removed and there was no wound dehiscence. Three weeks after the surgery, patient was reviewed again. He has symptoms of sinusitis (sinus area feels heavy, tender on palpation and unilateral nose drip). GBR area also was tender to palpation and mucosa seemed inflamed. Antibiotics were prescribed. I would appreciate if you could offer some advice on how I should manage this situation. Should I remove this implant?

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