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Socket Grafting: Standard of Care?

Last Updated September 19, 2016
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I saw an article on Dental Economics concerning whether Socket Grafting should be a standard of care or not. In the article, Dr. Gordon J. Christensen, states:

“Socket grafting is not yet œstandard of care, but in my opinion it certainly should be, at least in the smile zone…I suggest that all dentists should accomplish this simple technique of socket grafting. The technique is especially important in areas of the mouth where bone and soft tissue shrinkage will not allow adequate implant placement, or would necessitate placing an unsightly pontic if an implant is not placed. Using products and concepts that potentially decrease the cost of socket grafting are discussed and identified for you.”1

I am interested in what others think about socket grafting. Is it something you have incorporated into your practice after each extraction? How do you best convince the patient of the necessity of this procedure? Has cost been an issue?

1.[Is Socket Grafting Standard of Care](

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